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MN Property Nerds Google Reviews

Daniel Crossman
Daniel Crossman
I am incredibly frustrated with this management company. When we moved into our property water was discovered in the basement. Since that time (over a month ago!!) zero tangible work has been conducted on the property. I had hopes that this would be a streamlined, efficient process at the outset - they quickly acted in getting someone there to assess it and set up a texting chain with me - but, unfortunately I was wrong. This is the worst professional communication I've ever experienced. I understand that insurance needs to be processed, owners need to be consulted and so on, but I am incredibly frustrated with the lack of urgency, disregard for communication and lack of commitment to me as a tenant. This has been a bad experience. The ONLY reason I am not giving this a one star is because of Himler, the rental agent who we first worked with to get this property. He has been incredibly helpful, highly communicative and apologetic.
Ishaan Lukhey
Ishaan Lukhey
have multiple unresolved property issues with the house we’re renting, communication is horrible, we have a water problem that’s been going on for months and months (costing us hundreds and hundreds in water bills every month) and no word on a resolution, despite multiple messages and in person visits from the tenants. will update rating if a resolution is found
Mohamoud Gaildon
Mohamoud Gaildon
As a property owner, I find this group responsible, honest, accessible, and prompt with responses. I am very happy with the service I received to have my house managed and rented by this company. I would not hesitate to hire this company again.
Tyneka Jackson
Tyneka Jackson
Make sure u get everything in writing and take pictures of their apts.. they are liars, scammers and thieves. Email them everything they will lie to keep security deposit.. forward your address in an email because Gina will lie and say you didn’t tell her your forwarding address
Sarah Spear
Sarah Spear
I live in a MN Property Nerds apartment and it has been quite a nightmare. They have been unresponsive and blame things on the building HOA. The property was not cleaned when I moved like they said. I was given 3 dates back and forth to move in. They lack communication and transparency. Their reviews are clearly all bots. They also commented on another person post and called them a bot when you can click on the persons profile and see all their real reviews. You cannot do that on any of the actual bot reviews…
Adam Beck
Adam Beck
Ac went out, took weeks to even get a temporary fix, then radio silence while we wait.
Dae K Thielen
Dae K Thielen
I am one of the tenants that MN Property Nerds manage, whenever I request for a maintenance call Damien always answers. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!
Alladin Budimlic
Alladin Budimlic
Recently moved into a place dealing with this property company and they just never seem to do anything. Main issue was day of moving in, they never cleaned or inspected the apartment, even after discussion and emails saying they would. Then they just never seem to ever fix or solve any issues from there


Welcome to Property Nerds by MN Property Management Co. LLC

Property Nerds is a property management company that’s about you, our clients, and tenants.

Our property management company has a mission to meet all your needs and to ease the stress of being homeowners and investors. We take pride in our ability to help you manage your investment property and your assets. We understand that as homeowners, your property investments require a lot of attention, maintenance, and care in order to provide pathways to your grow investments and keep tenants happy. It is because of this that, Property Nerds is an extension of you as a homeowner and as your personal property management company we will with you to achieve your goals. At Property Nerds, your trust and partnership are our priority. We work hard to prove our property management skills and earn the respect of our clients. This is why we are local and accessible to our clients and tenants. We are a Minnesota-based property management company so you can rest-assure that we will address all concerns locally and efficiently. We serve the Twin Cities Metro Areas.

Why Choose Us

Consistent rent collection ensures the success of your investment. However, contacting tenants and managing payments can be time-consuming and stressful.

When you partner with MN Property Nerds you’ll never have to worry about rent collection again! We take care of everything and provide easy and efficient payment options for tenants. We also ensure that you receive your payments promptly.

Our team of licensed professionals will handle property showing for you. They’ll be able to answer any questions prospective tenants may have. We know how to market properties and will be able to show off the best features your investment property has to offer.

We understand how important it is to rent to the right tenants. That’s why we at MN Property Nerds conduct thorough tenant screenings. Our screening process will look into a client’s credit and rental history, their current income, and their employment and criminal background.

By performing these screenings we can ensure that you rent to trustworthy and reliable tenants.

Drafting a lease agreement can be confusing if you don’t understand leasing laws or know what to include. Our expert property managers can help! We stay informed on all lease policies and know exactly what to include to ensure that you and your property are protected.

We draft lease agreements that are thorough and easy to understand to ensure that there’s no room for miscommunication. With our help, you’ll have comprehensive and legal lease agreements that protect you, your property and your tenants!

Conducting regular property inspections and maintenance ensures that your rental is protected, saves you money in the long run and ensures that you’re always abiding by local and state habitability standards.

Our team of trusted, insured and licensed handymen are equipped to handle regular maintenance and tenant repair requests. When you partner with us, you and your tenants can rest easy knowing that the rental property is always in good condition.

It’s normal for tenant issues to arise. We can manage issues ranging from problems relating to parking spots, to noise complaints and even property damage.

The team at MN Property Nerds can handle tenant issues with care and compassion. What’s more, we always ensure that we are abiding by the terms of the lease agreement and local and state rental laws when addressing any potential conflicts.



Have multiple rental properties? Whether you have 1, 10, or 100 properties, it’s not a problem for Property Nerds! We want your workload because that is what we do. We exist to make your life easy and maximize your asset profitability.

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